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Days and hours of operation: Monday to Wednesday 9:00 -18: 00

The Spanish languages is the most widely used at the international level is considered. In addition to Spain, in all Latin American countries - which have been used in at the past colonies Spain have been used. In addition, according to the available estimates in 2050 more than 50% of the population will be Hispanic in the United States of America.

Despite the distance closer between men and cultures around the world who refer to it as the Global Village and the use of international languages such as English and Spanish, also for selling goods or providing services to foreign customers to communicate with they need to learn to speak their language, culture and customs, taking into account their different there. This indicates that the success of any manufacturer or trading company limited the number of customers who receive their goods or services and that their language and culture fit. So you help translate and provide goods and services to fit clients' language and culture better and work can expand your business and make it global.

To Performance actions such things as immigration, accommodation, residence license or without the right to work, without the right of visa , admission and acceptance of enrollment at universities in the region, participation in seminars and conferences and the like of other similar cases such as, providing an official translation of the required documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, certificates, encyclopedias, transcripts, certificates of employment and other supporting documentation, in the language required. The General Administration of documents in Iran’s official translations of documents has been officially translated and licensed by the Department of Judiciary Interpreter documents and affairs. Given the importance of time and accuracy of the translation, additionally 421 official Tehran is proud of his service in the shortest time and with the greatest precision possible accuracy, to provide applicants.

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