Documents exchange principles

For the deposit of documents translated translation Bureau and delivered to them, please avoid wasting time and cost principles and follow these tips.

  1. All documents must be either originals to be prior to deliver of documents, if you have a protective cover, disconnect it from the document.
  2. 421 Official Translation Bureau Powered by a managed network of RPG, which makes it possible provides all documents upon entering the office immediately scanned and workflow until the final image translations within the network, and therefore, until the signing documents for the translations by the interpreter responsibility, Applicants documents are kept completely private and secure.
  3. Time required for the translation depends on the volume of documents Direct that it Time must be for the procedure of Verified translations by judiciary and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Be added. But 421 Translation Bureau Always tries Time to win the applicants Manage the But at all times Applicants will be asked Necessary time For translation Correctly predict.


  1. Constantly to maintain their rights to estimate the costs of the judiciary, please visit the site and you can select your interpreter from a list of Spanish translators.
  2. To approve some of the documents to verify the original documents or reference other exporter needed is required. Please confirm the exact details verification of the documents refer to the term and Documentes approval terms .
  3. Necessarily have the identity of exactly what is contained in their passport match. So for all those people which documents should be translated, it is necessary to name, father's name and place and date of your birth and the year in Latin letters to be translated and transferred to the receptionist in the office, or preferably a copy of the passport of the person who are supposed delivery of additional documents to be translated, otherwise the interpreters will act according to its discretion and will not be heard no objections.

NOTE: If the applicant documents to be presented to the embassy and visa translated, since the embassy will be exclusively used for translations (This is true only in the case of the Spanish Embassy and others nothing else), stamped and signed by the translator responsible enough but if the purpose of doing translations transfer documents to other authorities of the host countries be acknowledged chain documents by the General administration of judiciary Interpreters, the Human Resource Department document, the Ministry of Foreign affair, and the consular section will be necessary. Should always be determined at the start of the necessary approvals.

  1. When handing over the documents to the office receptionist translator, make sure you get a receipt and accuracy of the contents of the full name of the owner of the documents and the documents are printed. Receipts in maintaining attention. Documents and translations are delivered only to the underlying bill, so anyone can get with the receipt documents, and the responsibility lies solely with the applicant's lack of coordination with the Office of translation services.
  2. When you receive the translations and the documents from the office of translation, you must type and number the documents, the original documents as well as the number of copies translated into carefully controlled. Translated versions of written content such as proper names, date of birth, effective numbers, and other numbers needs to be carefully reviewed and considered the interaction immediately if any malfunction occurs and the malfunction is resolved.
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