Under rules agreed by countries, official documents must be licensed by the trustworthy translators and Swore licensed Iran's judiciary, translation must be stamped and signed. In the case of Iran, the official translations must be necessarily carried out by the judiciary (Justice) and then finally by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and embassies to recognize and certified act in a document becomes law. Merely the governing bodies authorities confirmed merely refers to the verification stamp and signature of the official translator and regress officials without entering the content and the context. Therefore, all responsible authorities and responsibilities document so has the entire responsibility of the officials who signed the documents and the content and context translation is made by the official translator Signer. Official translators every few years by branch Judiciary and after Scientific and test procedures and selection favorited and in the last stage are obliged inauguration the maintenance of documents and customer secrets a correct translation of content bread maximum bailment they observe.

Given the need to preserve and promote responsibility and accountability of the Persian translation of documents into foreign languages ​​and vice versa, should always be done by an official translator done the same language, and official translations done should be on bonds judiciary must be on official number documents with the serial number printed on it has the stamp and signature of the Translator immediately following in the following name and official translator and interpreter in the upper part of the serial number registry is scrapped. A total related securities a total related securities with a document should be attached to each other according to the instructions of the judiciary and a total of document collectively constitute a single document form. No corrections or additional changes in the after processing the stamp and signature on any document created from that process are not acceptable.


The Evidence that generally for translations the official provided Including Follows.

  1. Documents relating to personal status
  2. Documents related to the assets of persons
  3. Degrees
  4. Work, office, job, expertise, and training other people
  5. Documents issued by official authorities
  6. Documents issued abroad that have been approved by the authorities.
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